photography business coach

Become the boutique wedding photographer you’re meant to be.

Less stress, more ideal clients, website traffic, inquiries, and an ideal work-life balance.  Photography business coaching is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Create a one-of-a-kind wedding photography experience.

Don’t be a photography factory, instead create a memorable boutique wedding experience with personalized, unforgettable attention to detail that your ideal clients will love.

It’s not about just charging more, it’s about raising the bar too.

I can definitely help you if your goal is to:

  • Craft a signature experience with your name attached.
  • Document less volume but tell more meaningful stories.
  • Be paid enough to do what you want without lowering the quality.
  • Serve people based on what matters to them instead of just selling.

Next Steps

The biggest problem with being a business owner is that it’s kinda lonely. You need people to at least bounce ideas off of. Here are a few ways to connect and grow your business.

More profit, more margin, but hold the analysis paralysis and hustle culture. 

Hi, I’m Roy, and I’m going to help you serve your clients better.

And yes, you’ll earn more too. 

Do you feel like you are working 24/7 to get more inquiries, become profitable, and tell the stories you’re dreaming about? Well, I help with that. 

I was the luxury wedding photographer in the area that lacked any luxury – Indiana. By serving their needs first, I was able to sell later to the clients that I was meant to serve. The cool part? They existed in my hometown and even in places I had never visited before. 

Now as your photography business coach I teach you how to do it, minus all the mistakes I made getting there. 

A few ways I help photographers, like you!

Group Mentorship –  Courses  – Done for you SEO – The Community 


A nine-week, small group coaching program designed to help you attract the right clients and grow your business without overwhelming busywork. Rather than just watching a ton of videos – you learn in small groups with a coach you can actually access and ask questions. This program is designed to include intelligent conversation, community, and mindset changes.

Done-for-You SEO

Do you want to attract more of your ideal clients and lighten your workload? Over time SEO  (search engine optimization) does that for you. We can find all the keywords you need, outline or fully write unique content (by humans) for you and audit your website with a list of things to rework.

Courses & Workshops

These easily digestible value-packed online courses and in-person workshops cover everything from SEO, sales, design, client experience and more. No matter which workshop you grab, you can bet you’ll learn something new and valuable every time.

PS – you get one full year of these free + the workshop library as a Manifest student.

Templates & Guides

Use the exact same (editable to your brand) templates and guides I have used to book weddings at an average of $10K per wedding.

  • Email templates
  • Blog Writing Templates
  • Step-by-Step Guides
  • Pricing Templates
  • Client-facing Wedding Guides

What’s holding you back?

Why a Photography Business Coach is Important

If you already have a mentor, then this may not be for you. Then again, if you feel stuck or aren’t seeing results – keep reading. A coach is objective, not subjective. You are working through things you might not see, because like all business owners – you might have some blinders on the things impacting you the most.

The best part about a coach – is you get to learn from their mistakes and avoid them entirely. It’s like a cheat code to get faster results for your business.

What People are Saying

Below are a few selected reviews and comments on everything that can be done for you from the courses to the done-for-you SEO.

Serve first, sell later.

Learn for free, and grow until you’re ready for more.