You are meant for more, this is how you get there.

A nine-week, small group coaching program designed to help you attract the right clients and grow your business without overwhelming busywork.

Next round launching soon.

Your business will be different in 9 weeks.

You will be different sooner.

9 modules, 9 small group coaching calls and lifetime access.

This program is designed to include intelligent conversation, community, mindset changes, and make everyone involved more human.

Rather than just watching a ton of videos – you learn in small groups with a coach you can actually access and ask questions to.

You will start thinking differently from the first meeting, and it’ll be hard but oh-so-worth it. You’ll create better relationships, and photographs, and probably undo a lot of bad habits you might’ve picked up.

Even if you tend to get stuck with analysis paralysis (procrastination) this will push you to make the changes your business needs to not just survive but thrive. After it’s all said and done, you’ll have lifetime access to our pro community,  and the connections you make within the community.

When you need advice, coaching, or have a general question, you’ll always have a place to come to.

Space is limited to 8 participants per group with one group per quarter.

you’re not alone

Every great wedding photographer gets stuck.

When you’re building something with potential, thats when overwhelm starts.  There’s so many options, you pump the breaks entirely or try everything. That burns you out and now you feel like you brake checked your business and broke the entire thing.

You’re confused, tired and every win you’ve had felt like luck because you don’t know where to go now.

Not in front of ideal clients

Where do you even find clients? Your website is up, you’re posting, and it’s all crickets. You feel like you have tried everything, but for some reason, it’s just not bringing the leads you want.

Unreliable Workflows

You are constantly writing the same emails over and over again but don’t have templates. Your client experience is spotty at best because you are constantly recreating the wheel. You are burnt out and annoyed.

No Print Sales

Albums are an entire mystery, but you know the photographer groups all talk about how they paid for vacations with them. You’ve tried to sell them but every couple says, “I can create an album online for $49, I’m good.”

Can’t Raise prices

Anytime you raise your price, it backfires. You’ve seen other photographers pricing and don’t even know how they stay busy. Your prices are lower, and they are still booking somewhere else.

Wearing too many hats

You’re the photographer, the accountant, marketing department, research and development, the editor and god forbid – you might be the video editor too. That is too much –  you need to learn to delegate, automate, and eliminate.

meet roy Serafin

I’ve been where you’re at now.

Every single symptom from above was from photographers in my program, but they were also problems I ran into. I have botched album deliveries, double booked, poorly edited images, not taken anytime off and probably 100 other things I am forgetting about. I’ve been there, and that is really where all of this course comes from. I want you to be able to skip ahead of all the migraines, stress, and loss of passion I went through. 

  • 8 Years as a Wedding Photographer
  • Published in “The Year Time Stopped: The Pandemic in Photos”
  • Hired around the globe to tell laid back couples wedding stories
  • Host of “Story & Community” the podcast

There is one key to everything I believe in.

Show up & work hard.

Define your ideal clients, serve first, and sell later.

They say that most people quit jobs because of management, and that is still true for wedding photographers – we just also happen to be managers.

The key to a business you love that’s thriving is going from “will anyone buy from me?” to “How can I serve who I’m meant to serve better?” It sounds simple, but narrowing and only working with your ideal clients is not easy.

It’s totally worth it though.

Imagine working the weddings you have always dreamed of working but getting to connect with the kind of clients that make you smile when they call. Or consistently booking high end weddings and being able to take time for yourself, friends and family when you want to.

You may not be super confident before you start, but that’s a problem of the past.

Better clients, more income, and more passion for what you create – this is ALL in the cards for you.

What you’ll learn inside the program

  • Discover your Ideal Client

    Define clients you were meant to serve and position your business as the PERFECT solution for them. 
  • Website Mastery

    Create an SEO-optimized high converting website with content tailored to your ideal clients.
  • Value Based Pricing

    Understand how to present value in your pricing and allow your clients to invest in their memories and feel excited about it.
  • Low Pressure Sales

    Create trust and guide clients to the collections that serve them best without anyone feeling uncomfortable.
  • How to Handle Objections

    Navigate client objections and build your confidence with low pressure negotiation tactics and positioning.  
  • Workflows & Delegation

    Establish an airtight repeatable workflow that keeps you consistent, reduces your workload, and builds your client relationship.
  • Networking

    Learn how to meet vendors like you, and create connections that build your business through referrals and add to your life instead of take from it.
  • Multiplatform Content Creation

    Create content that your ideal client is searching for, wants share and positions you as the solution to their problems.
  • The Art of Copy

    Learn how to become a better writer for blogs, scripts for videos and even emails. You’ll create content your clients refuse to pass up.

Program bonuses

+ Video Vault Lifetime Access

+ Monthly Live Workshops

+ Private Course Community

+ Live Group Website Audits

Booked a $15K Destination Wedding

“You are literally the best. I am on fire to keep creating content now. This is the best education I have ever recieved in regards to my business and tying it all together in the best way.”

Booked 5 of 6 consultations at $6400 in a week earning $32K

“When I invested in Roy’s investment guide and his consultation workflow, I found where my weaknesses were and since using Roy‘s consultation method we have had 5 consultations in the last couple of weeks, all 5 have booked!! Batting 1.000 right now and it has completely taken away any desperation we have had. Feeling so confident!”

Booked $12,200 in a single day

“Not even using the booking guide and just switching to your process, I booked two weddings in one day at $5800 and $6400.”
Jeff Lundstrom

Do not buy this program.

Invest in it.

Everything inside will require you to show up, ask questions and put the work in.

Success is not bought, it’s earned.

There is no immediate results guarantee, that’s not realistic. This is about long term change, the kind that saves you money, time, and effort in the long run. Everything in this course was created through trial, error, feedback, and over ten thousand hours in education & practice.

I can only lead you to water, I can’t make you drink it. If you’re ready to step up your game, you’ve got to commit to change.

Are you ready to invest?

Up to 36-month Payment plans are available


It’s definitely not cheap, in quality, cost or results. It’s not a fit for every photographer either. It’s designed for photographers looking & ready to make HUGE intentional changes. If the course is more than 2 bookings – the Video Library or buying one of our workshop recordings may be the best option for you for now. 

NO – I also think that is bullshit. You will get recorded calls emailed to you and access to the video library (recorded workshops, etc) as long as we are in business.

The coaching calls are over zoom, there are additional videos to go through on your own, homework and a private community where community workshops are held. 

We like to keep it small – 8 to 12 photographers at most. This allows for discussion and Q&A each session to make sure you are learning.

If you are struggling to charge more, work more efficiently and don’t have any idea why you’re getting told no… This is probably the right place to learn. We recommend doing a call with us before joining to ask anything you’d like.

If you make it to the first live and watch the extra module one videos and make an honest effort on the homework, but still don’t like it then you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Unfortunately, no one on staff is a mind reader (we checked). It never hurts to hop on a call and find out. 

This is a program that requires your time, attention, energy and effort. Every business faces different challenges, and quick easy fixes are not the answer.

No, but editing and lighting will likely be covered in a Facebook live or workshop.

The course can’t solve every problem you ever have. That would be awesome though.

By the time you finish the course you will have more of the clarity, confidence, and creative thinking skills you’ll need to tackle new challenges.